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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 11, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the pursuitened in richmond off interstate 80 when the driver lost control of the black crown victoria. he slammed into a poll and tried to run but he was arrested. the patrol just called off the chase after spike strips live the suspect car riding on the rims. in word on why he was chased. >> several northern california drugstores are under investigation for possibly allow ing prescription painkillers to get on the black market. here is that story. nick? >> according to the d.e.a. and the california board of pharmacy , 37,000 pills were taken from c.v.s. and there could be $29 million fine for losing track of painkillers of which thousands may have been sold on the black market.
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the d.e.a. investigators found 16,000 tablets missing from one store, 11,000 from a fairfield store and almost 5,000 each from dixon and modesto. a spokesman says that c.v.s. faced 2,000 possible violations of controlled substance act for discrepancies between the company records and the inventory of prescription drugs. this is a developing story. we will follow it with another update at action. >> relatives of a 22-year-old woman killed on the freeway over the weekend want to know who was supposed to maintain an old tree that fell over and crush her car. we spoke with the victim's family with this story. >> the old tree stood for years when it fell at the same moment 22-year-old girl was driving by.
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>> her great grandmother was driving ahead of her on interstate 80 in vacaville and she released she was not there. >> it wasn't moving. not when i went by. >> on sunday afternoon at 1:45 the storm passed and the fate of the girl and the old tree collided, a direct hit across the driver's seat, crushing the roof and the solo driver. >> she was dead. the tree should have come out a long-term ago. >> a crew was sent to find out how this happened and whether it is on state property. >> it does not appear to belong to the state of california because there was a fence line.
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>> caltran is trying to determine who owns the tree. the tree expensed decades of time and took away the life of a person who had barely begun to expense her own. >> investigators are still trying to determine if a san francisco police officer was shot by a suspect or by another officer. the officer add democrat shaw was shot in the shoulder. he and his partner were doing a traffic stop and the suspect fired shots and drove to the officers. the partner returned fire and the suspect ruano was arrested on saturday night with no gun. he has not been charged yet with shooting the officer. investigators hope to find the bullet that him him. >> new details in the seven for the missing malaysia airlines that moves into the fourth day. authorities identified the two passengers who used stolen passwords. photos of the american were
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released and one is 19-year-old iranian who was reportedly seeking assume in germany and is not believed to have terrorist connections. the second man is 29 years old, from iran. the search for the boeing 777 jetliner with 239 people on board is now expanded to the opposite side of the coast of malaysia. katie marzullo will have more on the developments at the top of the hour. >> a federal investigator is looking into a refinery after two workers were doused with acid for the second time in a month. the tesoro refinery is where two workers were sprayed with ascy which was released on february 12, burning two other employ ayes. officials say tesoro refinery refused to let them on the premises to investigate the previous incident. the union representatives called this troubling. >> companies will take a safety stand down in a situation like this and try and review
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everything going on to make sure there is nothing in the system that is causing it to happen. >> tesoro refinery says the contractors were wearing protective gear and believes this sun related to the other chemical release. >> there have been a dozen pollution violations at philips 66 refinery paying $230,000 civil penalty to settle 19 air quality violates including leaks and inadequate measurement of flare gas flows. a spokesman said most violations were disclosed and quickly fixed. >> authorities are looking if a four bug -- for a fireburg in fremont with three fires set yesterday. a fence is placed around the scorer's both at the warm
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springs elementary little league field. committee were using the booth and the equipment which was damaged. the same booth was destroyed by fire over the christmas break. >> the san francisco fire department will beef up paramedic staff with extra funding. the fire department plans to ask the mayor for an extra $10 million at the board of supervisors meeting. this comes as city hall is directing all department to cut spending anticipating a deficit $100 million. this follows a report that the fire department respond to only 72 percent of 9-1-1 calls seeking medical assistance. >> san bruno city council will have a meeting to figure how to spend money from repairs and recovery of the deadly gas line explosion in 2010. pg&e will provide $50 million to the city in the wake of the blast and fire that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. 3 1/2 years later, $11 million
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of the fund is left and tonight the city council will prioritize the remaining rebuilding projects. >> new video shows the impact of a 6.8 earthquake off the eureka coast with surveillance video posted on facebook showing items shaking and falling to the ground as the earthquake hit around 10:00 on sunday night. you can see the frightened cat scurrying away. the earthquake was slightly downgraded from initial reports producing 20 of a shots but there are no reports of injuries or serious damage. >> california emergency management agency says the earthquake is a reminder to get ready for any natural disaster. we should have emergency kits stocked with items including battery-rated radios and flashlights with extra batteries, a three day supply of food and water for everyone in the family and a manual can open er, and develop an percentage plan, all posted at
4:38 am now a check on the weather and traffic starting with mike nicco. >> we have live doppler 7 hd and we have winds that are blowing out fast in napa at 28 miles per hour, and 23 in fairfield, and they are blow straight from north to south if you are headed south it will get great gas mileage and to the north it will be a trouble and they running perpendicular to the bridges across the bay, richmond, saab ralph, bay bridge, san mateo, dumbarton, but not running across the delta, at least they are running parallel so driving a high profile wreck is not so difficult. you can see the central valley is where we have north wind at 20 to 30 miles per hour and gusting to 40 from now until 8:00 tomorrow evening. it is dry this morning, mid-40's to mid-50's and cooler than yesterday and in the low-to-mid 60's with breezes holding on through noon and they will taper
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as the temperatures climb to the mid-60 to near 70 around most our neighbors at 4:00 and in the low-to-mid 60's by 7:00. moving forward, the offshore breeze will bring us two to four degrees more remain warmth tomorrow and high clouds pull us back on thursday and another warming trend for friday through the weekend and that will come up in the seven-day outlook. leyla gulen is back. >> good morning, everyone, keep both hands on the wheel with the high wind. on the bay bridge that is where we have c.h.p. high wind advisories. we have construction westbound away from the incline to the tower and we have lanes blocked until 5:00 this morning and cones are pick up eastbound and everything is moving along fine. in berkeley we have another project eastbound and westbound side of 80 between powell and buchanan and four lanes taken away for that construction project lasting until 5:00. as we head to concord we have
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this big issue at willow pass road a solo vehicle pass into the power pole knocking out power to 4,000 customers. >> next, japan is mack -- marking the devastating anniversary of the tsunami. >> boston marathon beef security ahead of the next race, with the measure put in place to keep the ever sent safe. >> the stars come out in san francisco for a good cause an event that tackled childhood
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covering walnut creek, campbell, and burlingame this is abc7 news. on tuesday morning, a look at the eastern span of the bay bridge and the camera and shaking. we will check with mike nicco in
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a couple of minutes. >> japan is commemorting the third and was of a devastating earthquake the jap freeze emperor and prime minister led a silent rare at a service in tokyo for the 20,000 who died. the 2011 tsunami damaged the fukushima nuclear plant and led to releases that triggered 18-mile evacuation zone a quarter billion people are dismissed from their hems. >> ceremonies are planned around the bay area to mark the anniversary, residents will on the victims with two events, traditional japanese flower arrangement ceremony happened at 2:00 today in petaluma with a flower boat and release it to a creek near bodega bay tonight. >> protesters are planning an event calling on the japanese government not to re-open nuclear plants in the country. they are still off line. a 3:00 protest is planned in
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front of the japanese consulate in san francisco. protesters will deliver a letter to japanese prime minister urging him to keep the 48 plants closed and evacuate women and children from the contaminated areas near the failed fukushima plant. >> the stars came out in san francisco last night for a good cause: musicians and athletes and a list actors helping children battling serious illness. >> adler is part of the hollywood move ya. >> adler and his wife were the driving force behind this star-studded event of the celebrities join childrenned on stage at san francisco's symphony hall to raise money for the painted turtle, a camp for sick kids. >> a wonderful hospital. >> we are able to take them
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after that, our during this time, and give them a sense of normal. >> annette benning has four children and agreed to take part. >> anyone would has children and children who are well, feels a sense of responsibility toward parents and kids in families that struggling and are not well. >> kathy griffin wore a beautiful gown where a plunging income line. >> renee used tape to take sure my breasts are in properly but if they fall out and it get as donation, that would be a happy accident. >> she raised over $1 million and now the work is done they are back to work. >> back to hollywood, san francisco is too far north for me. san francisco. >> not wet like yesterday but we have the winds.
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>> winds and it is very dry. you can put the umbrella away unless you need to be shaded. it will be strong the next couple of days with a lack of clouds. there is an absence of clouds. temperatures are 42 in wood side. menlo park is 45. you can see the winds with microclimates. palo alto is 53. foster city is 54. belmont is 51. san mateo is 57 and to san bruno it is 58. fairfax is cool at 46. concord is 49. los gatos is 51. everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50's such as oak lunch at 55 and san francisco is 57. from the east bay hills camera you can see it bouncing with the winds around this morning. we will have sunshine. and warmer conditions. the breezes will fade later into the afternoon. driving this morning is a challenge because of the winds.
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this afternoon, not so much a challenge with extended dry per developing. everyone is hoping for a march miracle in the form of heavy rain. not in the offing right now. our warmest days still look to be the weekend. we are in the mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast into san francisco and low-to-mid 70's el where. temperatures are running well above average. tonight, breezes taper, temperatures drop and we will be in the low 40's around santa rosa and napa and 42 in morgan hill. most of us in the mid-to-upper 40's and san francisco is 50. we have another area of high pressure headed to the north and northeast. we will have a warming trend pushed to the coat. tomorrow, a couple of degrees warmer and on thursday it tapers and then a few high clouds and the wind develops on friday and saturday and sunday, 80's in the
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forecast and 70 at the coast. have a great day. >> good morning, everyone. we start off with a problem in concord with service street shut down and areas of construction. at 580 near 680 this are lanes blocked off until 6:00 in the eastbound direction so the good news is it is not in the commute direction. at 680 watch out for construction crews and slow for the cone zone. 580 westbound along tracy to dublin is 24 minutes. 680 southbound from dublin to mission boulevard south is 15 minutes. san jose and 101, 280, 85, all fine. from pleasant hill to the 24 junction will only take nine minutes. post police are landing to double the number of officers
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patrolling the parade route next month. measures aim at preventing a repeat last year's finish line bombings that killed three and injured 260 including backpacks and coolers not banned but you are discouraged from bringing them. people cannot spontaneously join the race. all runers have to be registered but this is no specific intelligence indicating a threat, runners and spectators are asked to remain vigilant. >> we promote "if you see something, say something." if anyone sees suspicious conduct or suspicious items report it to the closest uniformed law enforcement officer or call 9-1-1. >> the boston marathon is scheduled for april 21. a million spectators are expected twice the usual crowd. >> when i say ferocious feline
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what do you think? >> lion, tiger. but, here, a family had to be saved by the police from its own house cat. >> there is a looming doctor shortage and which patients could be[dad] [lau [dad] [laughs] [boy] mom! [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo.
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>> good morning, everyone, and a look from the high definition camera to the embarcadero, traffic is very light right now. a little bit breezy. mike will tell you more about that ahead. >> this is a crazy story in oregon police arrested a family in port listened after getting attacked by their own cat a 22-pounder, four-year-old, was hiding behind the laundry basket. he was on the loose in the apartment on sunday and the boy pulled the cat's tail and the cat wasn't happy and whacked the boy in the forehead and family
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locked themselves in the bedroom and called 9-1-1. officers were able to finally get the cat into a pet carrier and the family now is trying to decide what to do with the cat. >> san francisco mayor will take part in the grand re-opening of a popular ice kremlin store damaged by fire 2 1/2 years ago in accept of 2011 when the flames swept through the apartment bidding above a walgreens store and the three twins ice cream. rather than a ribbon-cutting ceremony they will have a giant ice cream scoop and new flavors. >> weather could be conducive for ice cream with temperatures in the upper 60's around san francisco. light wind at 11:00 this morning
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until 11:00 tomorrow morning with winds gusting to 35 miles per hour and 4' waves on lake tahoe. the entire state is clear. a few high clouds to the south. otherwise it is quiet. it will be 72 in san diego and 83 in palm springs. low 70's around fresno and sacramento and mid-to-upper 60's around chico and yosemite and 47 in lake tahoe. safe travels. >> good morning, everyone, want to drive safe? we have c.h.p. high wind advisory if you are driving anything that is high profile be careful. as we take to you concord we have this accident that knocked out power to 4,000 pg&e customer s. it looks like the intersection will have closures and that is going to last until 4:00 this morning, a projection. avoid this area.
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as we drive away from sfo into the cities it is clear. the commute through the north by southbound 101 the head lits are headed in the southbound direction away from 580 into san francisco at 19 minutes. >> cancer patient could have a tough time finding a doctor because there could be a shortage of cancer specialists the next decade. america will lose 1,500 oncologists with the number of new cancer patients driving 35 percent. small towns will be hardest hit because of medicare cuts. the report is in the annual report of the american society of clinical oncology. >> a new reason for overweight women to shed pounds: the cancer
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research fund found one in five cases of ovarian cases can be prevented by weight loss. the risk is increases by 6 percent for every 5-point increase in body mass index. ovarian cancer is 3 percent of cancer in women and two-thirds of americans are considered overweight or obese. >> next at 5:00 a.m., it is still a midair mystery with new details about two men who boarded a boeing 777 that vanished over the south china sea. >> cvs pharmacy taking heat or prescription drugs.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is tuesday. it is 4:59. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. mike nicco has the forecast. warmer temperatures, hike? >> warmer temperatures and breezes. coming from the north at 17 miles per hour. 26 in napa.
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30 miles per hour in this area and the central valley. we fine the fastest winds here today. be careful if you travel that way and if you are over open bodies of water, the winds could be interesting. breezes early. mild and caucus by the afternoon. the coast is getting warmer, mid-to-upper 60's and our bay and inland neighborhood are in the low-to-mid 70's. this is our traffic anchor, leyla gulen. >> thank you, mike. it is great to be back. as we start off with mass transit headed to work we have 36 bart trains running on time and caltrain is on time and no delays from muni, either with one issue. we are starting to see delays eastbound 580 from san ramon road to 680, the lanes


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